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Back from Bahamas, had a great cruise. Wife, kids, 6 course meals, 5K run on the island and crystal clear waters. I highly recommend it and just for the ladies, enjoy:


Now, since somehow a picture of me without my shirt on will draw more eyeballs than a blog by a multimillion dollar business site that many of you depend on for your livelyhood… I’m going to take a break from the usual shenanigans and give you a heads up on what’s going on:


Late in the day we will be publishing technical and business collateral for ExchangeDefender 7. It goes live in two weeks and the code is frozen – no changes or additions are being made, we’re pretty much just standing in place and doing training, business development and marketing efforts.

On Tuesday, you’ll want to go to http://www.ownwebnow.com/blog and download the items that will be made available there.

Why? Because if you don’t give your clients a heads up on what’s going on, or don’t take the time to figure things out, you’re not going to be a happy camper. The collateral will be brandable – you can upload it to your web site, customize it, email it to your clients or just reuse it as is. But whatever you do, use it.


We will start talking about something new in our cloud infrastructure – to my knowledge we are the only provider out there to be doing this so you’ll definitely want to pay attention to what’s coming from Own Web Now. Those of you that follow my twitter probably know already but I can’t blog or talk about it until the official unveiling at Microsoft TechEd. 

What I can say is what I’ve been saying for years – the cloud has undoubtable advantages for SMBs. That debate is over. However, cloud without backup or failover is simply foolish. We’re designing a unifying effort that combines the cloud with an on-premise something as a local caching/backup infrastructure. You won’t be spending thousands of dollars on it but really anything beyond a microbusiness will need one of these and as usual we are the ones leading the way.


I will be in the office, if you’d like some of my time or if there is anything you’d like to discuss with me, please let me know.


We will be doing a large scale maintenance event that involves power, servers and deployments. Again, since nobody reads the blogs, make sure you’ve got LiveArchive ready to go in case you have an emergency and you have to rely on Louie during the early morning hours on Friday.

We’re deploying a new Exchange 2010 infrastructure at the same time so there might be a sale some time soon. Though with ExchangeDefender at $1 and Exchange 2010 / SharePoint 2010 at $10 you’re really starting to split pennies at this level.


Autotask. They have been on a tear the last few years and their parties are getting better and better. While I look forward to showing off ExchangeDefender 7, I’m going to do my best to be around later in the evening as well.. it’s Miami after all.

That’s all – stay tuned, keep on reading, I look forward to seeing you guys soon.

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