NBQ–Never Be Qutting


rfrI’ll make this brief as I’ve discussed this subject before but I’m reminded of it’s truth every day in just about everything I do. Ready?

Success is not so much a factor of ___ (insert any random motivational garbage that makes you feel good) but more of a pure unwillingness or inability to quit.


All day.. every day.. I deal with people who whine about how things aren’t fair. Yeah, well.. tough shit cupcake, life ain’t fair. Now that you know that, what are you going to do about it?

Most quit.

I don’t mean quit in it’s literal black-white dictionary description of totally abandoning all pursuit of success. Most quit in the 50 shades of fail – they get quiet, slow down, get high, get drunk, reduce interacting with people or problems that got them to the breaking point of realizing not every day is going to be filled with rainbows, roses and unicorns.

When you see success, with the exception of lottery and intentionally leaked home made sex tapes, it is never a matter of accident. It requires a lot of hard work, lot of sacrifice, lot of time and almost mandatory pile of mistakes to overcome and bad decisions to correct.

There is a radical disconnect between success people perceive.. and how someone got there in the first place. Here is a short summary: it’s not easy, it’s not fast and they didn’t quit. Most people expect the exact opposite: They see some level of success, they want it.. and they want it now! When they don’t get it almost immediately, they quit. Thereby guaranteeing they will never realize any level of success because a loser is a loser.

Whether you choose to quit outright or choose to be mediocre, the results you get are purely a mirror of the effort you put in and adjustments you make to navigate around the sea of failure that you face in everything you do.

It’s a choice.

It requires mental toughness and willingness to look past your ego.

With every problem and every obstacle and everything you’d rather not deal with every single day of your life… you have two options: fuck it or fix it.

It’s really up to you. Yes, life is unfair. But if you have an option to make things better or do nothing – then you have nobody but yourself to blame for failure. And trust me, it’s much harder to look in the mirror when stuff crashes and it’s all your fault.

If you have to quit, quit at a point you set for yourself before the journey began – when you assessed your risk, commitment and potential returns. There is a difference between knowing when to quit and being a quitter.

So it’s rather simple – challenge yourself and take care of business. Things are going to be great.. or will suck.. but you won’t remember minute to minute or day to day challenges – you will only remember your victories. There is only one way to get to them.

Happy Monday.

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