The Breakout Moment

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One of the qualities that I despise in office workers is that of mediocrity. Our jobs are not physically demanding, we’re not lifting stuff, there is no fatigue associated with sitting in an air conditioned office.. so there is no excuse for putting out shit effort and half assed stuff. Yet, I find myself doing it all the time.

The breakout moment in small business happens when you listen to your customer tell you about a service they are willing to pay you for.. and you aren’t offering it for any reason other than outright laziness.

The moment you mentally break out of thinking small & safe and start investing into big and growing is the moment all your perspectives change.

Small businesses, particularly those managed by their founders, hedge towards safety and conservatism because they are the ones that built it all in the first place. I built this shit, don’t tell me what I need to do. The problem is that this thinking is neither conservative nor safe – this unwillingness to make additional bets and diversify concentrates all the risk in the existing business lines, focuses exposure on the existing client base and anything stationary.. well.. you know.

snipSmall business is at times just a matter of a state of mind. There is nothing wrong with thinking small until you build your value, team, process and strategy. Once you’re there the breakout moment will open you up to all the possibilities you aren’t pursuing.. and if you partner up with the right people you have no reason not to.

Customers are out there, begging you to take their money.

Partner with the right people. Hire the right people. Take the money.