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Making resolutions is not as easy as finding friends that will keep you motivated and pointed in the right direction 365 days of the year. Everyone is entitled to wishful thinking – reaching your goal takes a little more. So for the moment, let me say I’m very thankful for Facebook. It helped me run over a thousand miles this year:


Oh, and over 1.8 million Nike Fuel points as well.

Folks, this in a nutshell is the power of social networking.  While so many in the corporate America are afraid of their own shadow and weasel out at the first mildly controversial thing they might say out out, so many people are finding so many things they have in common with everyone else. We cheer each other on, we motivate each other and we share tips on how to get better.

Don’t let the above confuse you: I’m an IT guy. I look like one too, or I did a year ago. But nearly 30 pounds later I have one of the few New Year Resolution wishes granted – not solely on my will power but by encouragement of more than a thousand people worldwide. Some of whom are my partners, business associates, partners, friends of friends or random enthusiasts.

I have a healthier life as a result of all this.

Keep that in mind for 2014: Everyone gets ambitious at the idea of a clean slate. But you can’t get there all by yourself, and trust me, it’s so much easier when you have people cheering you on.

To Erinn Davis DeJose, my Facebook pals, everyone that cheered me on, liked my annoying Nike+ sync posts, txt’ed me while I was struggling to stay alive/awake through the Ironman or many half/full marathon races: You’ve all had a part in helping me get better.

I appreciate it.

Have a great 2014 folks.

P.S. That is 1,001 miles over 222 runs. Which equates about six and a half days of running or nearly 2% of the whole year – spend running. And some swimming, biking, training and weights in between.

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