Here we go with 2018


Here we go with 2018!

Hard to believe it’s been about 10 months since I wrote my last actual blog post. And what a frustrating, insane, motivating, and incredible ten months it’s been.

Feels like a lifetime ago.

Long story short, over the past year I’ve changed just about everything about my tech business and the team that makes it alive.

Over the next year, I look forward to taking you through the journey of where I’ve been, where I’m at, and where I’m heading.

Where I’m heading is simple: Before I turn 40 later next year, I will retire from ExchangeDefender/ Own Web Now Corp. Of course, retirement for someone that works 80+ hours a week looks different but one of the blessings of everything I’ve been through this year is that it’s reignited my passion for everything I do across my multiple companies.

Look forward to sharing it with you.

Happy New Year!


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