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Google Desktop leaves Beta

Google, Web 2.0

Google Desktop is supposed to leave the beta stage and go live today. I initially got GDS for search purposes but what made me stay is the near infinite number of widgets that are developed by others – most even … Continue reading

Gmail Calendar – Where do you live?

Google, Web 2.0

There are more than a few screenshots over at TechCrunch talking about Google's new calendar software. Ajax based, integrated into gmail, portable, yada, yada, yada. I'll spare you the tech details, suffice to say its yet another web calendar. Nothing … Continue reading

Gmail now logs Gtalk traffic, WOW!

Google, Web 2.0

Gdon't care, not really. I only know of one person that actually installed this program and believe me, I tried hard to find someone to play with me and see what Gtalk can do. At the time, not much, aside … Continue reading

Google’s long bathroom rumors

Google, Web 2.0

They sure have been buying a lot of fiber. Get it now? Eh? The fiber.. Anywho, the rumor mill over what Google is doing with the dark fiber, the acquired telco building in New York, the $100 Google cube PC, … Continue reading

Gmail, Mobility & Less Spam

Google, Mobility, Web 2.0

Since I'm all about mobility today I think it warrants a little discussion on what is without doubt the most popular web application on the web today – Gmail (though I am playing with Microsoft webmail and wow, they … Continue reading