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The worst thing about being nice

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Gotta vent for a sec because I keep on running into this. The worst thing about being nice is that you get no credit for it. But you get exploited for it at every turn. When I fuck up, even … Continue reading

Service Compromise as a Service

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Sometimes as a business owner you have to put your foot down and say: No, I will not do stupid things. But then you realize just how many stupid people are walking around with stupid amounts of cash and the … Continue reading

How many value propositions do you need?

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Long story short: one. Is your business a highly skilled technology provider or a flea market with a bunch of random crap? Because, shocker, only one of the two is a high paying / high margin enterprise. On my world … Continue reading

WTF is wrong with Vlad

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Today I had a remarkably good day, the kind you only dream of as a business owner. I hung out with my kids and my wife in the morning, got in to work at about 9am, had a few meetings … Continue reading

Our Community Initiatives 2014

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I’ve made my opinions of the SMB IT events very clear in the past and given some of the humorous proposals we’ve gotten so far I can assure you we’ll continue to chop away at our schedule of 2014 conferences. … Continue reading

Predictions for 2014

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It’s the new year and the opportunity for every blowhard to blindly toss their darts on the wall of IDC and Gartner data and proclaim the next cash cow. And with that in mind, the future is robots and drones … Continue reading

SMB beef with VC

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My head is spinning from all the amazing conversations I’ve had this week and I wanted to offer a bit of an explanation regarding my animosity towards VC involvement in the SMB space. As I hinted previously I am working … Continue reading

“Vlad’s been quiet. Wonder what’s wrong?”

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Thanks for your concern, I appreciate it. Pretty misplaced though. Things have been going so well that it’s hard to believe and I’m one of those folks that doesn’t really get much easy in business: so when everything is going … Continue reading

Misdirected Optimism

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Before I share some seemingly pessimistic and insensitive commentary, that is written in a hope of helping motivate you, let me say that I understand and I relate: I too am pissed off about not getting stuff I don’t deserve. … Continue reading

It’s the little things that make me thankful for my team

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Diet mountain dew and obsessive attention to detail can be a blessing and a wonderful combination. I recall chatting with someone a few years ago about plans and goals on MSN Messenger a few years ago and talking about how … Continue reading