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The only thing that disappoints me..

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One of the reasons why ExchangeDefender is on a roll this year is because I’ve been able to stay at work for over 6 months straight and keep my top talent focused on what we’re doing. It’s not like we … Continue reading

Arguments With Idiots: Part 1

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There are a lot of stupid people out there. Most of us are stupid about something – and there are plenty of legitimate reasons for it. Every now and then you will encounter a select subsection of people that are … Continue reading

ROI Case for Investment In Community

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I’d like to clear up an apparent logical conflict I have made on Vladville about blogging. In past I have told many of you that consider blogging for business honestly is a terrible idea. Meanwhile, I continue to write three … Continue reading

How to build the next great IT business

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I was recently asked by my friends on Facebook ( and Twitter (@vladmazek) about how to build a great technology business. As I was told, I spend a lot of time explaining how the doors to opportunity are being closed … Continue reading

Flipping The World of SMB Marketing

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Disclosure: This is a massive pitch. Please don’t misunderstand though, it is not meant to sell you or convince you – it’s a direction that I’m going in and if you’d like to hop onboard with me, you’re quite welcome. … Continue reading

Lifecycle of Ineffectiveness

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Before you read this: This isn’t Vartruth or Channel Watchdog, I’m not trying to single anyone out or make it a personal hit. That said, you will certainly see the similarities between these descriptions and people/companies you have met. Your … Continue reading

Reloaded: Shockey Monkey: Ultimately, who pays the bill?

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Over the past week I’ve outlined what I believe to be the future of technology management in small to medium businesses. I’ve discussed how we got here, what we need to focus on managing, how we need to involve the … Continue reading

Reloaded: Shockey Monkey Derrivatives: Who does the IT work?

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In the last few posts I have been laying out the multi-year strategy for Shockey Monkey and the changes IT Solution Providers need to come to terms with and adapt in order to survive and thrive. The core underlying concept … Continue reading

Reloaded: Shockey Monkey unRMM–What is managed?

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Yesterday I wrote the first in the Reloaded Shockey Monkey articles covering the grand scheme of consumerization of IT and how the business models need to evolve as we transition from the world of IT to the world of the … Continue reading

There are times I wish I didn’t care

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Last Wednesday, our main data center in Dallas suffered a catastrophic power failure. While the inbound ExchangeDefender service went on as expected without skipping a beat, the less redundant services didn’t fare so well – Exchange 2010 was out for … Continue reading