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ALWAYS be pimping?

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As a firm believer in the ABP methodology it pains me to even ask if you should always be pimping or whether there is perhaps a time that it’s not appropriate. So consider this as a part of public service. … Continue reading

The Grand Revelation

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Today two big, obvious, truths were revealed to those who held their sword aloft and said “By the power of Greyskull…”: 1. I am a shameless, selfpromotional opportunisitic guy.2. I am neither Vartruth nor The Channel Watchdog. Here is the … Continue reading

Vartruth, Channel Watchdog, The Var Guy–who are they really?

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The fever surrounding the daily channel soap opera has come to new heights as VARs apparently find their day-to-day jobs boring. You’ve probably heard or seen Vartruth video series on youtube as it spanked one vendor after another (or the … Continue reading

Vladville: The Final Post

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Since early 2003, this blog (and it’s predecessor) chronicled the Fast Times at SMB high, the rise and fall of several business models and the lessons learned along the way to building wealth and solutions for the SMB technology … Continue reading

Are you the best?

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Continued as a part of the New Year review blog posts. Out with the old, in with the new? Well, a year is a loooong time and there is a lot of old stuff that needs to be cleared off … Continue reading

The PSA Carol

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, young Vlad set out to write a free PSA. He failed, big time. The longer he kept on lying to himself about the next beta being useful, the further away … Continue reading

EuroTrip 2010

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I’m on my way to Europe. I have a few business appointments to take care of while out there and would love to meet some of our partners and for the lack of a better word, buy some beer. Here … Continue reading

Windows Phone 7– Only thing that matters

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Microsoft is set to launch Windows Phone 7 today. And by launch, I mean start talking about it openly – you’re not getting a Windows phone today. Features and how it compares to Android and iPhone for the most part … Continue reading

Road Trips

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This has been an interesting year, road-wise. I entered the year with one company and all of my hobbies cleared. Now I have 4 companies and another professional hobby (book) and after a ton of traveling this year I have … Continue reading

You can sleep when you’re dead

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Every organization depends on people. First and foremost. But the kind of people you hire helps define what your organization actually builds toward. The people that I trust my business to – you know, the one that’s got my name … Continue reading