You can sleep when you’re dead

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Every organization depends on people. First and foremost.

But the kind of people you hire helps define what your organization actually builds toward.

The people that I trust my business to – you know, the one that’s got my name on it that I represent at every industry event and actually stand behind as it’s designer – are very much like me. Except they are better in nearly every way.

They are smarter.

They work harder.

The work longer hours.

They are passionate about what they do.

Most people out there are happy to follow. Just do the 9-5, bare minimum to keep their job, while moaning and bitching about what they do. You know these people. Oh, I can’t wait for the weekend. Oh, I can’t wait for 5 PM. If you work with people like that, run, they will drag you down with them. If those people work for you, put them out of their misery and fire them today. Everyone deserves a job that challenges them to wake up each day and become even better at building both themselves and their contribution to an organization.

Don’t get me wrong, not every day is paradise. Every role comes with some broom sweeping, long hours and dealing with difficult and frustrating problems. But solutions to problems lead to opportunities which give us a chance to prove not only that we can deal with the challenges but also beat them.

With every day that we beat down challenges and problems comes the eventual fulfillment in the realization that very few things can stand in our way with enough effort and persistence.

Today is Wednesday. Half way through the week. You know how you can tell that you love what you do? If you’re doing the math in your head thinking if I put in a few more hours today it’s almost Thursday which means that I’m just a day away from Friday so really I gotta get the most stuff done right now and just cruise forward from there.

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