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Certification Path

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Philip tagged me in his blog post about IT folks going obsolete so I figured I might as well chime in on the technical side of the things as I typically discuss only big picture industry trends here. Check out … Continue reading

Autotask UnLive: Introducing OranguTime

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Back from Miami (if you’re still there please go say hi to Travis Sheldon) but I have one more thing to talk to you about if you’re using Autotask: OranguTime! What the heck is OranguTime? Well, if you’ve ever used … Continue reading

How not to give a ….

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I’ve gotten a lot of praise over the few howto articles this year, glad you’re enjoying them. Really, it’s all just a bunch of common sense mixed with experience that isn’t common sense until someone tells you or you learn … Continue reading

Full Throttle

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With about 47 hours left in January, I wanted to hit the neglected-as-of-recently blog and update everyone about how things are going here. Having wrapped one of the bitchiest weeks I’ve had in a long while I can now look … Continue reading

Shockey Philosophy

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Recently I was chatting with someone on Facebook about the whole concept behind naming and the cynical way we deal with failure in the workplace. This all started with Dave Sobel from Evolve who once said this to his burning … Continue reading

The Social Graces of a Pullout

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One of the particularly rewarding parts of my job as the CEO of OWN is that I get the joy of helping people develop their professional skills. Unfortunately, for the majority of my career I suffered from a very hard … Continue reading

ConnectWise swallows up HTG

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Congrats to Arnie and the team for taking over HTG Partner Groups; Yeah, yeah, strategic partnership sounds better in a press release but when you force software and invoices down the entire organization it’s pretty obvious what happened. You can … Continue reading

How I flipped my world upside down: I love Mondays!

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Having read every BS business book out there, I thought to make up one of my own. Enjoy: Over the last few months I’ve been posting on Facebook/Twitter how much I can’t wait for Monday to come around, usually drawing … Continue reading

Tips for Job Seekers

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Let me first admit that I thank my lucky stars that I am nearly never the hiring manager for any roles at Own Web Now. In order for me to make you an offer, you need to come really highly … Continue reading

Automating Client/User Behavior

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One of my greater joys in business over the past two years has been the development of our PSA. In the process of studying just how much we suck (and the extent) I’ve really gathered an alarming amount of data … Continue reading