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To WPC or Not?

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Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is the defacto number one ticket in the business software world – has been for nearly a decade. If there is a high profile meeting you need to have or want to get your message across, … Continue reading

Microsoft Tablet vs. Apple Office: Which idea is worse?

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One of the biggest signs of success and opulence is losing respect for money. If you have trust-fund-baby friends out there that have never had to work for a dollar (or euro or pound to be fair to my readers), … Continue reading

And now something a little different

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Nearly three years ago I wrote series of articles that I called Lucy’s Sail (Google), about the change of OWN’s business direction and our focus and commitment to the cloud. It almost instantly made me the SMB community public enemy … Continue reading

SBS 2011 Integration

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Some of you that work closely with my team have heard that we have a beta of ExchangeDefender hooked up with SBS 2011 Essentials (server formerly known as Aurora). In effect, the software is designed to give microbusiness clients a … Continue reading

When will Microsoft hand over account control in the cloud?


I have written many stories on the Microsoft cloud control, dating back to the big WPC announcement and the infamous “coownership” tag Microsoft originally put on the idea of working without a VAR in the middle. Few talking points in … Continue reading

Importance of continuity, and why it doesn’t exist

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I’ve been reading a massive amount of coverage about Yahoo shutting down Buzz (competition to, AltaVista / AllTheWeb (competition to and There is far, far more coverage and opinions presented over at I don’t really want … Continue reading

Competing on Price

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In the recent months I have been talking to several of our close partners about the competition, specifically with regard to Microsoft’s BPOS product. Currently, Microsoft has the single biggest advantage in the marketplace for Hosted Exchange and that advantage … Continue reading

What would you say you do around here?

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Earlier today I got a question that I feared answering for a long time. I have to be completely honest and admit that I didn’t think it would take this long for someone to ask it, especially considering that most … Continue reading

WPC Day 3 – Signs of Hope


Microsoft WPC is a fun event, lot’s of information comes out and in typical Microsoft fashion, it’s always about the hope and potential of mostly unfinished or half baked ideas. That’s not necessarily a negative thing, as it provides for … Continue reading

Microsoft WPC Day 2: Mixed bag of copies..


Today was a mixed bag for Microsoft – in the areas in which Microsoft leads (Xbox, Messenger) it looks amazing. In the areas in which it’s following (virtually everything else in the consumer space) the future for Microsoft looks like … Continue reading