Google Talk goes live.. barely.


Perhaps I was spoiled a little with the Google Desktop 2.0 but, honestly, I am quite disappointed in Google Talk which many had expected to be the next big chat thing. I’ll give them kudos on basing it on an open protocol (which by the way is the same Jabber IM I wrote about in my latest article) but it looks plain and suffers from the same problem all the other ones do: you have to be a member of Gmail. Problem is, Yahoo has the best video, MSN has the best news plugins, AIM has the largest audience and Google has…. exactly.

And yes, its beta, meaning they haven’t figured out how to make money off it. They released an amateur client with no worth-while features on yet another system that I need to have an account on.

Back to the drawing board guys, this one is not even worth linking to the download site.


In other news, MSN has released the new chat client, MSN Messenger 7.5.

Cisco revealed news of a new SSL vulnerability. If you’ve got any Cisco gear left you really aren’t paying attention.

Ron Grattopp is doing SBSC training through MS Partner Readiness Webcasts, according to JJ it will be done 5 sessions.

And in the best news of the day, August update to Outlook 2003 Junk Filter is available.

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