SBS Web & SharePoint Hosting Guide


Most of you that have had the pleasure of dealing with me know me as the hosting guy. Well, I’ve taken a little time to create a huge braindump of my hosting expertise and how it can be implemented to serve small business through Windows Small Business Server 2003 (SBS2003). The guide is available here.

It is written in (somewhat) plain English and is targeted at the small business owner or the small business system integrator that does not have intimate understanding of how SBS, IIS and Microsoft DNS work. I cover:
* How to use SBS as the name server
* How to configure multiple hostnames for virtual hosting
* How to configure plain virtual hosts
* How to extend FrontPage webs on virtual hosts for easy management
* How to create multiple SharePoint team sites on the same server, single IP
* How to create a public, anonymous SharePoint team site without using certificates.

The guide goes in depth on all areas of consideration (security, configuration, bandwidth, best practices) and if this doesn’t get you started with SharePoint in small business I don’t know what will.

Click here to read the article.

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