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Susan Bradley, icon of the SBS community, is slowly but surely losing her mind. While it is an interesting plea for feedback to see what works and doesn't work in keeping people informed I think that there is only one place to consistnetly point the blame for you not being informed well enough: you. While it is true that there is a lot of information out there, it has never been easier to organize, discover, prioritize and store information than ever before. Again, it requires you to do something. Last week I was presenting at a Technet seminar in Orlando. One of our business partners was chatting with JJ who dragged me over to give some feedback on Swing Migration. Coincidentally, I just did an SBS Show on Swing Migration a week ago. Did he listen to it? No. His excuse? Too busy. So let me get this straight: I take time out of my busy day to produce content for the IT community that improves not just your technical but business skills as well but you're too busy to listen to it and demand a summary.. an itemized list with timestamps.. a way to search it.. AND you want me to talk you through the really important parts live? Sorry kids, you picked a wrong profession if thats in a set of your expectations. There is a reason we make more money than doctors, lawyers, engineers and nearly all other professions. It requires constant retraining. If thats not something you can set aside time for then don't look to Susan to organize it better for you, look to Susan Bradley to drive through your drivethrough window in her Mercedes Benz and ask you for your opinion on whether she should get crushed Oreo's or M&M's in her McDonalds Frosty.

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