E12 – Vladstyle


I just got some very exciting news from my MVP lead — it appears that now that Exchange 12 is available to a solid amount of people in the Beta form I can talk about it — and show it — at length. I'll be meeting a ton of my fellow Exchange MVP's in about two weeks at Orlando Exchange Connections and will formulate my approach with their assistance. I am very excited, specifically because nobody talks or shows Exchange. Pardon me, but your IQ must be really low to get a thril out of a 3D notepad with alpha transparent title bar. Show me something that is actually used by kids that aren't 12! I will give you a hint: "Vlad, yea!" 🙂

5 Responses to E12 – Vladstyle

  1. ScottC says:

    Ooooo.. Video? Rocketboom right?

  2. Ken Terris says:

    How far away is E12? Isn’t it all subject to change at a drop of a hat?

  3. Vlad says:


    Nobody knows. There isn’t even a name for it yet 🙂


  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh no, this is going to be about porn..

  5. Andrea Brice says:

    You are no Amanda Cogdon 🙂

    Would love to see some short video skits though.

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