Leadership Apathy

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Over the past few months I've been looking at the communities I am involved in and I really did not like what I saw in terms of value that those groups presented me and its members. I have lately gotten really tired of a lot of issues that I inadvertently became a spokesman for: Microsoft lack of piracy enforcement, Microsoft lack of UG support, major vendors competing with the SMB chain, supposed MCSE's mocking and disrespecting newbies in newsgroups… But then I realized why some folks chose to remain small. They choose to remain small because they think small. There is no passion. No entrepreneurial spirit. No willingness to rise above, work hard, take a long term view. It's all about today, now, immediate gratification. Thats not how things work folks! But propose the change and roaches scatter. Honestly, I probably made a mistake when I started caring and getting involved in the politics of the SBS community. I'm a CEO and an MCSE, thats where my strengths lie and I will continue to pour all I've got to help people that want to be better and greater than they are today.

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