Meet Bob, Licensing consultant

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Recently I asked our local IT Pro group about Microsoft sales folks getting more and more desperate. I can't blame them, with their options wasting away through product delays they have to move more product. I brought this story to my ITPRO group and asked how local consultants engaged their clients to provide them with a liason with Microsoft's ever-confusing licensing. How do you make your clients understand their need to comply with legal software licensing? Todays response, completely attributable to Robert Belon, nearly knocked me out of my chair:

Hi I am all that stands between you and the "JAWS" of the software police. Your next stop on this License roller-coaster is a jail cell occupied by Luther "the ass-monkey" Smith.  Can I exercise some of your corporate dollars from the bank vault now??? – Robert Belon

Now thats what I call an elevator pitch! Eric, the domain is still available 🙂

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