Social Networks attract half of the web users

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Found this interesting stat over on digg about how social networks are attracting nearly a half of all the web users. Not a big surprise, I tend to find out most of what I need to know from blogs, vlogs, podcasts, webcasts. Today it really takes a lot for me to hit Google to find answers and even then it takes a little longer before I just find a forum where someone breaks down the exact same problem with no solution in sight.

So social networking is big on the net. Our next SBS Show guest is Bob Rebholz who works for a small blue logo software company based out of Redmond and we'll take a look at how the social networks are making an impact in how IT Professionals discover and organize information. 

And yes, you whining babies, the SBS Show will make its triumphant return tonight. I've had to battle lawyers, food poisoning, Microsoft and myself to finally start this beast back up. Give me about two hours and I'll pop it up there.

Update: Well, here you go #19 is out .

6 Responses to Social Networks attract half of the web users

  1. amy says:


  2. JHoover says:

    Downloading now, I’ve really been looking forward to listening to the next SBS Show. Almost going through withdrawals.

  3. Ken Edwards says:

    I might be a whining baby. Just be glad you do not have to change my diaper!

    Seriously, looking forward to the return of practical advice in a convenient audio format.

  4. Charles M says:

    Welcome back SBS Show!

  5. happyfunboy says:

    great show, man!

    dana’s firewall dashboard was already on my “to-do” list during my down time…

    but it just got bumped up a couple of notches. 🙂

  6. Posey says:

    This may be your best show ever. I know its hard since you keep on moving up the bar but its absolutely phenomenal. Loved the legal and ad girls voice; Who is that?

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