Vista Advertising Machine Starts Its Engine

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How badly can Microsoft make you  want something they can’t deliver? Does; This is perhaps the most negative thing I have ever written about the Microsoft Corporation and I sat on it for about 24 hours to see if I really feel about it this way or if something was just temporarily pissing me off. No such luck, after months of testing Vista and seeing where its going.. beh, enjoy. 

Three years ago when Longhorn was supposed to be on the brink we were promised many things. New file system. New command shell. New way of computing and collaborating. Three years later with release date more in question and argument than ever, we’re delivered not the Microsoft vision of the next OS but more of John Carmack’s wet dream. The features of Windows Vista read more like a concept of the next Quake rendering engine than a modern Operating System. True, its shiny and glossy and translucent and Microsoft is running with it.

Take a look at the latest marketing site that launched at — does it excite you? In all my years as a Microsoft shareholder, partner and customer I have never been this underwhelmed and disappointed by a Microsoft product.

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