To patch a patch


Microsoft releases an update to WSUS, Windows Software Update Services.

Honey, did you remember to patch the patch machine? Well, the SP is out, RTFM then plow away. As for what is in it, here is an overview from the readme:

  • Windows Vista client support: Computers running Windows Vista can be updated by WSUS SP1 Server.
  • More client language support: Support for all Office and Windows Vista languages.
  • New version of WMSDE: The WMSDE instance will be upgraded to WMSDE SP4 by WSUS SP1 (WSUS RTM uses WMSDE SP3).
  • Performance improvements: WSUS SP1 includes various performance improvements to accelerate user interface response times.
  • All hotfixes: WSUS SP1 includes all changes and hotfixes that have been released since WSUS RTM.
  • Support for SQL Server 2005.

For the newbies, RTM means Released to Manufacturing. Same as going “gold” (burned on a CD) and so on and so forth. So go patch yourself.

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