Disable, uninstall neuter & understand WGA


Have your friends been calling you every few days to check if you found a way around WGA or if you got something other than Devilsown ISO key? If you’re getting your product key out of FILE_ID.DIZ or devilsown.nfo then activating new systems has been a pain in the ass lately. Though not quite as painful as the one thats coming after the feds raid your office and you’re stuck clinching to the cell bars while Bubba works his magic from behind you . But I digress…

There aren’t many happy WGA stories out there. Some consultants are excited because they can make a $50 margin on selling OEM software on after-market PC’s (you’re a national treasure boys) but it seems like everyone I’ve talked to has legitimate Windows XP copies throwing warnings, crashing and really showing many signs of a coder that had to ship the code by the deadline but spent too much time on YouTube downloading behind the scenes of These Boots Are Made For Walking. Sorry folks, it shows.

First of all, there is the Microsoft way to get rid of WGA. It’s not pretty. There is an easier way, too. But if you really want to know how WGA works (down to the TCP dump) here is a site for you:


Awe, but Vlad that page is all words! Don’t despair, these guys also publish a tool to remove WGA in three different ways. Original name too, RemoveWGA. Git’r’gone.