Internet Explorer Security Tips


You should be patching, yeah…What you doin on your back.. aah..

From Bink: After people apply the MS06-042 update, rated “critical” by Microsoft, IE may crash when certain Web sites are viewed, the company said in a notice on its customer support Web site. The problem affects IE 6 with Service Pack 1 on Windows XP and Windows 2000 systems, it said.

Firefox-logo-64x64For the love of god, when are you going to get it? How many warnings, bad patches, patche re-releases, inconsistencies and inability to use apps are you going to accept before you just say.. enough is enough? But But But Vlad, I can lock it down through group policy and use LUA and my risk tollerance and solar flares and…and shut the f..k up already, please. This is not security. I’m not sure what is but at Casa De Vlad we restrict IE use to Microsoft apps on the Intranet and Microsoft Update. Get caught browsing in IE or worse yet, get caught using IE on clients server – automatic 1 week suspension without pay. I don’t care if you found a site of a burning bush but god used .NET and required you to get the next 10 commandments using IE. At some point (way after you’ve lost your faith in Microsoft to deliver a decent browser) you have to rely on your people not to put you in danger. Yes, limited user rights and group policies get you to a certain point, past that you have to train your people.

If you aren’t going to be sensible please keep an eye on Susan, she seems to be on top of it all as usual.

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