What is your definition of success?

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One of the coolest things about Vladfire video blog has been the access to some brilliant and successful people. Everything from one man bands to rich and beautiful. I really believe you can learn something from everyone, be it good or bad, everyone has a lesson they learned. So, I set out to ask people what their definition of success is.

Some talk about business, some talk about personal matters some have the universal destination they are going forward. I really had to think hard before I came up with something myself which pretty much meant that it probably wasn't it or it would be on my mind instantly. Today changed my thinking a little.

Today I signed off on yet another product at Own Web Now Corp that I hope will be a huge hit. So what is the definition of success here? Quite simply, success is:

People are lining up to buy my vapor-ware.

One of my partners called in today and told me he already sold 26 sites of XDWall – I only told him about the product release on Monday!

The first products and services we had involved printing solicitation letters, writing addresses on evenlopes so people would actually open them. How have things changed to define success? Quite simple,  people now have so much trust and faith in what we do that they are out selling stuff before we ever announce them. That is success, we are doing something right.