CompUSA “launches” Vista for Business

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Southpark101-771689Last month Microsoft and CompUSA announced a joint effort to launch Vista under Volume Licensing. A misleading headline “CompUSA to Offer Early Sales of Vista” drew a lot of heat from VARs and consultants that went into the traditional anticompetitive manpile and shouted South Park’s “they took r jobs!” slogan as it appeared that retailers would once again get a competitive edge.

And man did they make the most out of this advantage. CompUSA created a launch that would make Jimmy Joe Bob’s Bait & Computer Shop proud. Talk about style points! They dragged out the finest lunch table from the break room, put that 26pt Times New Roman on some flourescent paper, covered it with some Microsoft trifolds and voila


I am sorry about the blurry shot, I just couldn’t hold the camera steady enough as I laughed at this launch. At least they kept it real “Vista – Slightly more popular than our CompUSA branded CD Jewel Cases”

At least they didn’t squirt this one..

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