Windows 2008 Certifications are up

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The “new generation” of IT certifications is now official, Windows Server 2008 track has been published. Just like with the 2000 to 2003 track, there are two exams to upgrade your MCSE (now MCTS) credential to 2008. There is even a 40% discount code.

I wonder if this is a one-shot “pass or retake all 7” like it was in 2003. Either way, one thing you can bet on is that these exams are going to be extremely difficult. Time to spin up those 2008 boxes.

(oh, and all of you that cried foul about how expensive TechEd was…. you don’t want to look at the cost of Microsoft training for these exams. But as with anything, it takes a lot to separate hobbyists from professionals)

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