Orlando ITPRO Meeting This Thursday

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OrlandoitproOrlando ITPRO meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, August 2nd at 6:30 PM so come on over. It’s at the New Horizons (meeting not open to general public, must be a member of ITPRO due to confidentiality issues, lawyer speak, global warming, etc)

There are two quickie presentations up front just to get everyone started and the rest of the evening will be a roundtable discussion of everything thats going on. Thankfully it’s a slow summer with lots of folks on vacation – which makes this the best time of the year to start working hard on all the services you intend to be delivering year round. Now you can think about them, develop them, test them and all without being interrupted every 10 minutes. So… were putting our collective brain together to figure what more we can do to be successful in Orlando and Central Florida.

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