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Matthew1Marketing oneself is a very suttle thing. You don’t need to wear a striped suit with question marks all over it and yell at the TV for people to pay attention to you. You don’t even need to read every Seth Godin book to become someone that people want to get stuff from. Sure, if all else fails you can always wear a hot pink shirt and throw on a purple pimp hat c/o Erick Simpson, but really the life is much simpler than that:

Have something interesting to say.

Make it easy for people to listen to you.

I’ve gone through an interesting week of public criticism over how my company sells software. Everything is a learning experience. But let’s say you’re not selling anything and you don’t need to build a moat around your business. Let’s say you just want people to pay attention. How do you do that? Well, first you put up a blog. But second… you make it easy for the people that read blogs to actually read your blog.

Here are a few blogs I read that you don’t. With the way they hide their feeds you’d almost think they are trying to hide in the crowd. Here are the links to their RSS feeds:

Wayne Small

Andy Goodman

Mark Crall

Get your feed on.

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