Vlad(tm) PR shuffling

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I need to adjust my public contact information ahead of some very important releases, both commercial and philanthropic. In a nutshell I want to make myself a little more available and offer a guaranteed response. So here we go:

Public Email: vlad@vladville.com

Public IM: vlad@vladville.com on MSN/Live Messenger, vlad@vladville.com on Google Talkr

I will be answering email as well as chat Monday through Friday, 1 PM through 4 PM EST which is GMT -5. If you do not get a response from me within 24 hours please send the message again.

This is for the Vladville, Shockey Monkey, SMB Buddy, SBS Show, Orlando ITPRO stuff only.

This is not meant for corporate affairs or business-related communication, all such mail will be promptly deleted. If you do want to talk business then please contact me on my business email address and IM which I am at 24/7/365, no farther than 2 feet away from something that receives email, voicemail, phone calls or chat requests. Keep in mind that I am not tech support but if something needs to be brought to my attention, please do so. Again, 24 hour response or resend. If it takes 3 days and you still get no response I have died. Say a prayer for me. Pour a bit out of a 40oz for me homie. If I appear to have died but am still somehow blogging, posting on forums, you hear my voice on the podcasts or video, it’s more likely that I am alive and you happen to be a spammer that can’t make it into my inbox. Pick up the phone, hire the “Jesus Loves You” plane and spray your phone number over downtown Orlando or Disney World, try smoke signals, HAM radio… Hate mail gladly accepted at my PR Agents office, Tim Barrett & Co now serving angry Vladville readers worldwide.

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