Dear Customer, STFU and GFO


Sitting around this morning, watching television, and I cannot believe the outpour of anger at the airports over flights that were delayed to repair electrical systems that posed a threat to the passengers. Just what do people expect an airline to say?

Dear Passenger,

We know you have your choice of airlines and we thank you for choosing American Airlines. Unfortunately, you chose a flight on a plane that was grounded to conduct serious maintenance that will prevent it from burning up in a fireball 30,000 feet above ground.

However, as a courtesy we can book you on one of those flights but you have to sign this waiver that says you will not sue us if the 1.8% chance that you will die on our flight.

Yeah, thought so. Now go sit down and shut the fuck up because we’re not putting out pilots in danger because you have a hooker waiting for you in Las Vegas, mkay?

Now, I obviously missed a calling in PR but you get the message.

This country is, for the lack of a better word, fucked, because we have adults behaving like children and throwing fits when something does not go their way. When the gratification is not instant. When their own happiness is dependant on some hard work or sacrifice. We want it all, we want it now and we want it free.

The world of 24/7/365, profit crunch and infinite expectations needs a serious reality check because the safety is supposed to be the core of the promise, 24/7 only a benefit. Not the other way around.

We are selfish, consumed with ourselves and do not care to see the big picture because its just too ugly and we don’t have the time to be put down with that. We are more comfortable to accept lies and broken promises than to take one moment to understand that something is being done for our own good.

This was going to be a bad morning for me, until I saw the justice of the taser, applied to a grown man that was throwing a tamper tantrum in the middle of an airport. Don’t tase me bro, I’ll behave like a grownu.. bbbbzzzzzzttttt.. aaaaahhh”

Go Gators! Bzzzt.

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