Heading to the MVP Summit (for all the wrong reasons)


mvpbadgeI do not talk about it often, but I have been given a prestigious Microsoft MVP awards twice now and everyone on that team has been just spectacular to me over the years. I got a lot of opportunities with the program that the money just can’t buy (no matter how much licensing you sell) and the MVP Summit is sort of the grand benefit of the whole program – the ability to network and deal with some of the best and brightest in this industry.

I originally danced away from going, really felt like it was better to just stay home and work on Shockey Monkey (Travis and Hank will be doing that now, you will be working with them next week if you are on the beta) how I really did not want to chance being out of town because of Katie being almost a month till giving birth.

And then today, barring anything unforseen, I will definitely be there. All thanks to AT&T. I got AT&T Tilt and Samsung BJ II. Tilt is so pathetic that aside from the device esthetics, its the usual Microsoft crapshoot unchanged since 03. Blackjack is slightly better, but still needing 20-30 tweaks to get to the working mode. And with all that, the behavior is still clunky, unreliable, error prone and so far behind Apple it’s not even funny. Forget about using this in business. Yes, it was fantastic in 04, 05, 06.. but now, not so much.

You see, my company makes a ton of money off Microsoft. We are currently mostly an infrastructure company, that is, we make money deploying, managing and scaling solutions powered by Microsoft creations.

But Microsoft 2008 is not what it was back in 1998 when we started this enterprise, it is not what it was in 2001-2003 when OWN put together ExchangeDefender, it is far from what it is now that solutions like Shockey Monkey and all our Web 2.0 projects are online.

Today, Microsoft is behind. Far, far, far behind. It seems to be losing on all fronts except the server. Even worse, it seems to be lacking any direction and is chasing the industry leaders and innovators with crippled and incomplete substitutes that are just not cutting it.

You will never lose giving your customers what they want. You will always lose trying to fight what the users are asking for, buying on their own and demanding. Users are no longer demanding Windows. Users are no longer demanding Windows Mobile. Users are no longer demanding Microsoft.

Next week, I will be at Microsoft trying to decide if Microsoft has any creative juices left, any direction to motivate me to drive my company closer to Microsoft after I come back from my paternity leave… because… and it kills me to say this because I love what Microsoft has done for us over the years.. at this point Microsoft has its eyes on Google and Yahoo, not on its base.

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  1. staceyc says:

    I spend alot of time defending MS…but, Ingram Micro has some telling numbers in a recent article:

    “Although Apple’s operating system still has a minuscule share of the overall SMB market, its hardware sales to this sector are increasing. According to a recent study by Access Markets International (AMI) Partners, Apple’s penetration in the midsize business market has doubled in the last year in both desktop PCs (from 13 percent to 27 percent) and notebooks (from 9 percent to 18 percent). In small businesses — those with fewer than 100 employees — Apple’s desktop PC penetration jumped from 6 percent to 12 percent and laptops from 5 percent to 8 percent.”

    I am seeing more and more MS shops taking on Apple Macbooks to stay ahead of their client base..

  2. Mike S says:

    I too spend alot of time defending MS, yes even Vista which works fine if you have the “right” hardware. But as Vlad was saying about their focus lately being on Google and Yahoo, this does scare me. Web Apps! We still need a solid OS to build them…

    What we have seen over the last year is our clients want mobility. More smartphones. More terminal servers. More VPN’s. None of which are covered by apple, google, or yahoo. At least very well.


  3. Vlad..why do you think I stick with Blackberry, guess what the reason is…and no it is not because RIM is a Canadian company.

    Blackberry is the industry leader, it works, and uses a heck of lot less bandwidth.

    You are so right, give the clients what they are asking for and you will be rich.

    Stuart Crawford
    Calgary, AB

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