Disaffected Feedback


Blogging helps open up the company and its employees thoughts on the world around them, but sometimes the insight can hurt too. Take a look at this from Steve Clayton:

Peace. Why people spend so much time trying to find out what’s coming next is beyond me. Okay so people like to get the scoop but really does anyone care *that* much about a product that is quite a way off? I have access to a tonne of information inside Microsoft using our corporate intranet search but how many times have a I searched for details on Windows 7? Precisely zero. I just have better things to do. Doesn’t everyone else?

Let’s see… Popular opinion of Microsoft Vista is that it blows. Popular opinion of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is that.. oh wait, there isn’t one, because most people don’t even know it’s out. Office 2007 and it’s completely changed interface.. But what the heck do I know, I just sell this for a living and as of late we are selling more and more Blackberry and Apple.

At the time when Microsoft can’t put together an advertising and promotion strategy to save its life, is it a wise thing to try to downplay something that the consumers are actually EXCITED about? WHY do you think people are looking for what is AFTER VISTA? Why do you think they are DOWNGRADING to XP?

Note to Microsoft: Consumers are not excited about your products. Businesses are not excited about your products. The ONLY thing you have going on right now is inertia and Xbox, have you heard of advertising? Television perhaps, maybe between the billion Apple ads telling everyone that Vista blows?

Come on people!

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