More Microsoft MESH – Windows Home Server loses client backup


Fantastic news from Redmond, just when you thought Windows Home Server could not suck any worse, they find a way to do it. Yes, ladies and gentleman, the product designed to be the central point of backup and storage, previously found to corrupt many file types opened from it, has found a way: they removed the database backup feature from the upcoming update designed to fix the bug of file corruption in the first place. Yes, really.

Are you f’n kidding me?

Someone go right ahead and put the tombstone on the Windows Home Server cause that product is officially and completely done.

I am all about holding the product back until it’s perfect, but if you ship a product and then yank its primary feature set what are you left with? How can you ever deploy anything built by a team that after so much time couldn’t come up with a solution, so their solution becomes total and complete lobotomy?

Seriously guys, you have lost your fucking minds and the time to get your shit together has all but run out. But good for you, I sure hope the telescope software you’re writing helps you find a new group of customers in space because nobody with their right mind would trust your software on earth.

Someone from Microsoft needs to explain some of this shit to the public, quick, because your reputation as a company is going to sink not only Vista and WHS, but everything around it – Welcome to 2008, “experimental until 3.0” no longer flies.

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