Want to help Windows Mobile in SMB?


Chris went to NOLA this weekend. Made a presentation. People liked it a lot, one of my guys even texted me about it being the best presentation of the weekend. Turns out you can make quite a business if you use mobility to fit the SMB business, not check off boxes on the Microsoft sales brochure.

Chris then went to O’Briens and had a Hurricane. And a Hand Granade. Another. And Another. Sooner or later it was bound to produce some brain damage, manifested in willingness to help complete strangers be more successful in a role they are grossly unqualified to be in: SMB technology sales.

If you would like to support Chris, who is still living large off his SBS Show royalties, in another fruitful community effort to postpine the inevitable, here is a survey:

Chris sells Windows Mobile

Please don’t let my apathy towards the iPhone Roadkill and Microsoft get in a way of you filling out this survey and helping Chris try to turn the leaking oil tanker that is Microsoft’s business software. He is trying to make things better for us (and Microsoft) but Microsoft  is a company of numbers and statistics so if you’ve got the time and will, please, help a brother out.

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