What’s going on out there?

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Just closed an IM window with one of my guys telling him to put up a little bit longer with the volume as things are going to die down very soon. Then I told him that things typically die down a week or two before Thanksgiving and the poor guy had been putting in extra hours (along with a LOT of others on the staff) this quarter.

So what gives?

Well, we’re doing good as a proxy of our partners. If we’re doing good, they are doing great because we only see a small subset of their sales and services. At the same time, we’re seeing a near record number of partners going out of business, asking to transfer services to another provider, record # of credit card transaction declines.

It’s quite simple:

Nothing happens just because, nothing will just come to you and land on your lap, nothing happens unless you really put in the effort.

The good news is, you’re likely competing against a bunch of lazy bastards that are feeling too sorry for themselves. The best news is, it’s Monday after Thanksgiving and you’ve got 5 business days to kick some serious ass.

I’m on a vacation…. but just watch what I do.

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