Happy 4th of July

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Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Earlier tonight I stood in the front yard of my new home and watched the fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom / Walt Disney World. I don’t mean that euphemistically, like being able to see it on the TV in the living room, I am lucky enough to live that close to it!

So today, I wanted to thank all of you that do business with Own Web Now, resell and promote ExchangeDefender, trust us with your data and with your clients, and by proxy, make it possible for me to have what I have. Thank you.

So today, I get to say thank you. Later today I’ll post the latest SPAM Show #11 recorded Friday, perhaps the funniest SMB / Business podcast ever produced. Details to follow on Sunday. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and again, thanks from my family to yours!

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