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xdlogo In the long, long ago, Chris Rue (happy birthday!), Susanne Dansey and myself put on the SBS Show: dedicated to the world of small business technology and technology consulting. The time for the SBS Show had come and gone, with over 26+ hours of recordings and thousands of downloads it was clear that the industry was no longer interested in the basics of SMB technology. Most of us that started and grew businesses in that era had moved on to the bigger concerns.

Say hello to the SPAM Show. In a way, it’s a show to address the topic of working in the business of technology. One of my biggest challenges, as my business grows, is explaining to my new employees that come from diverse backgrounds just what IT Solution Providers do, what we do, what our values are and what our mission actually means. Onboarding people is a painful and expensive process and there are few resources to help you align your organization with your vision, the new opportunities that present themselves daily… but that’s just me.

Over the past few months a few of my close friends (who also happen to be authors, vendors, industry leaders, speakers, CEO’s and so on) have put together over 11 hours of content on a very simple subject: What’s going on out there?

Until now this was only available to Own Web Now Partners. Now, it’s available to you, free, via Facebook. Click here.

Show regulars include Karl Palachuk, Erick Simpson, Dave Sobel and Mark Crall with special appearances by Stuart Selbst, Bob Godgart, Joe Panettieri, Chris Rue, Tim Barrett, Clinton Gatewood and more.

The agenda is to help the people we work with get an entertaining and educational take on what we do for a living. So fan us on Facebook or hit the Community tab in the OWN support portal. You won’t regret it. Money back guarantee. And yes, please tell a friend!

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