It’s not all about blocking


photo There is a very thin line between an idiot and an innovator. The difference between the two is that one can make money off his idiotic ideas. That is not neccessarily a crude joke, multimillion dollar ventures have been built on the ability to fix a simple problem that most people wouldn’t even consider an issue because the very notion seems ridiculous to their day to day life. Yet, for every nonsensical idea, there is a Snugli and a Sham Wow and a countless trail of Billy Mays promotions.

Here is how we come up with ours. It all starts with me standing in front of 25’ of whiteboard drawing up some concept and trying to figure how many people listening to me are considering changing careers. “Wait, this monkey is in charge of the future of this product?”

Step 1: Describing The Problem

Before I get to that, if you’re one of those folks that think that getting an email SPAM report every day is a good service to your clients, go back to what you were doing.

Since the very first release of ExchangeDefender, we’ve had a concept that a SPAM we quarantine from the user stays in our portal in an encrypted quarantine and the only way to get to it is to release the junk mail, wait for it to come into your Outlook, figure out if it’s SPAM or not and continue business.

This certainly worked well.

Fast forward a decade.

Web browsers are now capable of delivering a better mail experience than desktop software (subject to opinion) so why are we still stuck with this concept of having to blindly release messages, wait for them to show up and dodge 5 other antispam components in our infrastucture, open them and create a response? Because there is no other way.

But what if you could preview the message, access all it’s contents and even reply to it with just 1 click? Right in the browser?


Please don’t sue me. I promise this is not the name of the product 🙂

There is now something new in the ExchangeDefender quarantine lists. Now your SPAM listings include a conspicuous envelope with a magnifying lens next to each SPAM message. Click on it, and in realtime, you are presented with that message straight from our database.


You can review the entire message, scroll around and determine what it is. We’re 99.999% confident that it’s junk. But just in case that this message is NOT SPAM and you’re knowingly let some company piledrive 5 messages a second informing you of their Christmas spirit…

… wouldn’t it be nice to be able to reply to it right there? I mean, why release and wait for it if all that’s necessary is a one line response to keep the conversation going?


Notice the tabs on the top. The Reply tab is there just for that. If this is a legitimate message that needs to be followed up on, SPAM filtering should not get in a way. It should allow you to immediately reply to the message.


Maybe the message should be delivered to your mailbox, maybe a copy should be delivered (or maybe you don’t have a choice if the compliance bit is enabled), maybe the sender should be on a whitelist?

Whatever the case, ExchangeDefender now let’s you be more efficient.

Notes: The ExchangeDefender logo, phone number and the URL are completely replaceable with your own logo and address. The entire chain of communication is encrypted.

But call in the next 70 days and all of this, could be yours for just 75 cents per mailbox. But wait! We’ll even include enterprise grade SPAM filtering across multiple data centers. Business continuity, you’ve got it. Web request filtering – it’s free. Web sharing? Well, if you promise to tell a friend, we’ll even send you this compliance archive product with eDiscovery! Ok, you’ve got me – you get encryption for free too. Call me now for your free trial!

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. 🙂

Seriously, this is our creative process. Most of what I do in the field with clients and partners is try to eliminate the notion of “impossible” if it yields to better productivity and profitability. ExchangeDefender 5 is littered with these examples which is why our business has skyrocketed with it’s launch. I hope to bring you items like this one every month, but the key to all this is sharing what is really pissing you off so we can solve it through software.

So… Feedback. Comments are open as is my Inbox, let me know.

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