Emotional Disclosure


So I sat on this topic for a few days now and ran it past several of my peers in the business that all got their shops started with their own money and blew them up into successful multimillion dollar companies all on their own without help.

The last post (“Success”) generated the most commentary… ever… for any post ever published on Vladville.

Almost all of the emails were quite gut wrenching, some even desperate, pleas for help. Lot’s of people that are in the SMB IT are struggling and wondering if this is just the time to close up shop, sell or carry on. Ouch.

I have not yet responded to the emails because almost all of them were quite personal and as much as I love this Vladville persona, there is a real Vlad behind it and I just don’t know how to help you address the same problems that I’ve had to figure out in the past. As soon as I come up with something coherent to say, I will post it here.

In the meantime, try to be honest and realistic – not every great idea pans out, not everything can be fixed with money or effort alone. Everyone has problems. You have to focus on just being a little bit better with each passing day, establish a support system and find partners because no matter what you’re doing, it’s better when others go along with it with you.

Keep your head up.

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