Earlier today I was sitting at lunch with the guys from work talking about the new line of business we’ll be launching this year and the discussion turned to certifications:

Vlad: I remember a long time ago when I was taking my first Microsoft MCSE exams and dealing with questions like: “You have an active directory with sites named AMSTERDAM, LONDON, BOSTON and SEATTLE…” and I thought to myself – I will never have to deal with a global scenario!!!!”

Everyone laughed. Then everyone groaned – because that’s what we have on our hands – a growing global company.

It wasn’t that long ago that Pablo and I sat in a garage making jokes about what it would be like to build a company and a network this large – while we watched gcc fail repeatedly on a Gateway 386 DX. Every now and then I look at my life and can’t even imagine what I did right to be this lucky. This morning I was planning a short day because I thought my flight departed earlier than it actually did. What did I do with my spare time? I went to buy a Porsche at lunch.

I am not telling you this to brag, I am telling you all this because I know many of you are dealing with a tough economy, tough job market, tough competition and the world is not a very happy place. But one thing I can tell you is that if you put up with adversity, welcome it and do all you can to address the challenges life gives you – you will succeed.

Nobody will give you anything – you’ve got to fight for what you want. You constantly have to bite off more than you can chew and constantly overdeliver. You gotta fight to improve your game every single day. And when you do, the rewards are more than what you even expected. That’s the difference between the average – where everyone is – and the good stuff.

I for one have been blessed with a lot of luck and even more Mountain Dew – and a wonderful wife that makes each day better than the previous and feeds my insanity.

Forget the negativity, don’t dwell on your woes, focus on what you want and go for it.