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The vlad@vladville.com mailbox has been flooding for weeks with questions about Shockey Monkey & ExchangeDefender – good news, it means you guys are busy! I figure I’d open up the suggestion box a little and offer answers to any questions that are really on your mind about the MSP industry or IT industry in general, running an IT / software business or anything along those general terms.

No State of The Union Address

So many of you have asked for a “Big in 2012” post or podcast and I haven’t fulfilled that request because this year you get to write it. The economy is recovering, people are spending an incredible amount of money on the cloud services, reducing infrastructure and reducing technical complexity.

Exactly as predicted over the past few years.

So in my humble opinion, there is no “big” new thing that is coming. Things like mobility, cloud, working remotely, security and government compliance and the like have been discussed, documented and dare I say it, proven in the marketplace as overwhelming successful business models. So there really isn’t a magic new technology that you will be leveraging this year that you didn’t have access to last year.

This year is less about the vendors and tools and more about you and the implementation of those tools to keep on pushing your model forward.

This is the year for you to work in your business. I know, I know, there is great shame associated with working and being deeply involved in your business, talking with your clients, leading your teams and perfecting your business – but this is really the year to do it. It’s what will separate you from owning a long term business or being a defunct organization with it’s leader in search of employment.

So do the smart thing. Focus. Then do the work.

In the meantime, if you’ve got questions, I’ve got plenty of time and opinions that I’ll be sharing with you here and you can always look at www.LooksCloudy.com for the more elaborate discussion, podcasts, webinars and industry big picture stuff from the folks that make them.

Of note: Many of you have asked about Vlad’s MegaMSP which is a project I’ve discussed with only a handful of people. News spreads fast when you ask people not to share it I guess – I’ll discuss that next month after the ExchangeDefender Essentials is rolled out.

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