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Forgive me the lord for I have sinned. It has been 3 weeks since my confession. Apparently, some of you have noticed, so when I hinted I was working on something my buddy Julian nailed it:

“Vlad’s (de) Motivational Blog… Woo… Another face full of sand kicked in your face by the man at the top of the pyramid…”

Words are so very unnecessary – but I’m getting constant requests for info and business advice or money that one way or another always makes my advice sound like just too much hard work and bullshit that will take too damn long. So here is the cycle:

Cycle of Vlad Advice

I suggest something that everyone else isn’t doing. Immediately condemned as something that won’t work for edge case clients. I start building and proving a business concept. Further dismissed as too difficult, too unproven, too immature. I make myself and tons of my partners millions of dollars. Get accused of being too early, working too hard. I continue to do this for years, under the same flag, with one project after another. This apparently makes me abrasive, rude, disrespectful towards people that doubted the advice, ignored the advice, failed and now can’t handle the reality of what running a business is actually like. It’s easy to know what to do, it’s difficult as hell to actually pull it off, consistently, over time.

Which brings me to the question, lately, of wglennbeckswastikacardhy it’s worth to put out stuff in the open in the first place. For me, it’s a self serving process that opens up my stupidity and gathers enormous amount of feedback which eventually helps me beat the odds. But why the hell are you reading this? As a Fox News-like distraction is the most entertaining answer for me because I’d really like to stand in front of a chalk board and compare Google to Stalin & Hitler. But I digress.

I’m happy to do this for the people that are working like crazy on stuff because it isn’t easy. The whole “We choose to go to the moon because it’s hard” notion implemented in small business is about being the first, about informing and guiding clients, about implementing things nobody else wants to and being able to help move things forward instead of whining about why things aren’t working.

So if you’re doing it and it works, turn up the speakers and hit play. If you’re doing it and it’s not working, turn up the speakers, hit play and work harder. If you’re just sitting around, trying to break up a slow Monday, wondering what you’re missing and why stars just aren’t aligning while you’re dealing the crack from your vendors that have a gun pointed at your head.. well, hate on.

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