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Next chapter: Dubai

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As you may have heard, I have significantly reduced my day-to-day involvement at Own Web Now Corp and my sole position with the business is that of a CEO. Meaning, I will only be involved in strategy and international expansion … Continue reading

Fixing Stupid

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Can you fix stupid? Can anyone, externally, fix stupid? Correctional facility system seems to think so. I don’t. Yesterday one of my friends offered her opinion on this topic and I felt it would be valuable to offer mine… because … Continue reading

If you ignore it, it won’t change

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Sort of a followup on the last post, sort of a general truth about life and work: Things that bother you don’t change just because you wish or hope or pray or dream. You actually need to do something for … Continue reading

Impatience, Shortcuts & Quickies

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One of the more annoying themes in IT is the lack of understanding that anything valuable and complex takes time. We recently launched a new service at work and I’ve spent the past month on the phone talking to people … Continue reading

Discipline In Calldowns

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If there is one thing that I absolutely suck at it’s being the judge of talent. Sometimes I allow the potential someone may have to be productive at a given role overshadow their many shortcomings. To the extent that some … Continue reading

Loyalty Not Included

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Modern workplace, and the behavior of everyone in it, has changed since the 50’s. Small businesses owners often find frustration in the perceived lack of gratitude and loyalty they get from employees that they feel they are treating like family. … Continue reading

Stupid or unmotivated?

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My basic thesis is that there are too many fucking morons out there in corporate America. My friend Kate tends to disagree, believing that most people are smart but just not very motivated – as in they have the capability … Continue reading

What we can learn from Microsoft

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Blogs and media alike have been on fire about opinions regarding Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia – everything from the largest trojan horse operation in corporate history to the typical armchair quarterbacking of what else Microsoft should have done. While entertaining, … Continue reading

The Breakout Moment

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One of the qualities that I despise in office workers is that of mediocrity. Our jobs are not physically demanding, we’re not lifting stuff, there is no fatigue associated with sitting in an air conditioned office.. so there is no … Continue reading

The Demise Of The American Small Business Employee

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It’s been a busy week at ExchangeDefender so I’ve slacked off on Vladville. Gonna make it up right now: Many of you are new to Vladville (readership keeps on growing or the botnet keeps on spreading, not sure which) so … Continue reading