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You can’t try to get organized

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My phone has been on fire since the last blog post. I wanted to address the biggest question we get about Shockey Monkey (and really all of our solutions) and what that question means to me based on the track … Continue reading

Shockey Monkey’s open letter to the IT community

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Hello community, Vlad here. I wanted to take a moment to openly write about some of the questions that I have received in private that I feel should be a matter of public knowledge. Things are going great, we’re enabling … Continue reading

Shockey Monkey Sponsors & Ads

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Two weeks ago we sent out sponsorship invitations to a few companies we work with closely (if you haven’t gotten one please email  Shockey Monkey and I wanted to offer you the big picture of where things are heading. … Continue reading

The trail of broken promises is paved with the bricks of best intentions

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So you know how you suck at being organized? There are people out there that are perfectly organized in every way. They know where everything is, they can find it in a split second and you probably feel like they … Continue reading

Shockey Monkey Reloadeded

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It’s been over a week since I said anything on the subject and nearly two weeks since we officially launched Shockey Monkey Reloaded. Watch the Shockey Monkey Reloaded Launch Webinar Since that time we’ve signed up nearly 1,000 new portals … Continue reading

Shockey Monkey Reloaded Reloading

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Last Thursday (December 1st) we officially took the wraps off the Shockey Monkey Reloaded project, with nearly a year under development we believe we’ve built the best possible mix of features, simplicity and business model mix to help propel our … Continue reading

Shockey Monkey Reloaded Tomorrow

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Over the past week I have given you my assessment on the state of IT in SMB and beyond, a look to the past and to the future. I appreciate all the emails and only wish I could follow up … Continue reading

unPSA – Whose business is being managed?

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Thank you for joining me in the third post in the series pondering the future of IT and how it will be utilized, at least in small business. If there is one trend line in the technical evolution over the … Continue reading

Reloaded: Shockey Monkey unRMM–What is managed?

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Yesterday I wrote the first in the Reloaded Shockey Monkey articles covering the grand scheme of consumerization of IT and how the business models need to evolve as we transition from the world of IT to the world of the … Continue reading

Reloaded: Shockey Monkey Reprise

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It has taken us more than a year to get Shockey Monkey right. At this point, I would like to encourage you to read the following five posts about Shockey Monkey regardless of what you think of it, me or … Continue reading