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What to do when your carrier is an SPF?

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This blog is somewhat famous for beating up single points of failure and dragging them through the dirt. The fact that anyone would succumb to such a restriction shows either ridiculously poor judgement or the details are buried deep within … Continue reading



Untitled document Ok, so one of the joys of having a big mouth and a popular blog is going back and looking over the posts that I have been right and wrong about. Few months ago many of you questioned … Continue reading


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Here are a few sites that I find very useful in my day-to-day system administration. Feel free to click around. They are not all highly technical so if you ever need a break from the details and would rather look … Continue reading

MSP Extinction Event

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I spend a fair bit of my time considering doomsday scenarios – it’s a part of responsible business ownership to consider and plan for contingencies that may impact the business model. Many people believe otherwise, that only small course corrections … Continue reading

How to build the next great IT business

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I was recently asked by my friends on Facebook ( and Twitter (@vladmazek) about how to build a great technology business. As I was told, I spend a lot of time explaining how the doors to opportunity are being closed … Continue reading

The Meaning of Work Life

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It’s Sunday night and I’m sitting on the couch hanging out with the family, catching up on TV and work, planning a week ahead, a month ahead a year ahead.. and I figured I’d offer you this insightful observation: You … Continue reading

Vladville: The Final Post

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Since early 2003, this blog (and it’s predecessor) chronicled the Fast Times at SMB high, the rise and fall of several business models and the lessons learned along the way to building wealth and solutions for the SMB technology … Continue reading

Update on MSP Shark Jumping

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Little while ago after finishing a brutal summer of conferences and launch of Shockey Monkey I posed a question and opinion to my audience on whether or not the MSPs have jumped the shark. One of my awesome partners wrote … Continue reading

Next to the last chapter of Vladville


For the past 6 years (8 if you count Blogger) I’ve been documenting the evolution & extinction of the IT service provider. When I first started blogging my role revolved primarily around the technology – and the IT service providers … Continue reading

Dare to dream: You’re all fired.

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Greetings from beautiful Southern California and Mickey Mouse! Here is what I want you to think about: What does the technology landscape look like without you? Dream. Think. Share. Most people that read Vladville are in IT industry at … Continue reading