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Hot Jenn

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Earlier tonight we went to Hooters for dinner and we just couldn’t get over our waitress. Is your last name Wakefield? Do you know Jen Wakefield? Since I couldn’t get Jen on the cell phone I am just convinced she … Continue reading

Distance From The Herd

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Earlier tonight I was chatting with a friend of mine and we were comparing and contrasting some of the truly ridiculous individuals in our business. Such total outright whores that pretend to be one thing but the money trail reveals … Continue reading

Bored? Learn to Pimp!

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Erick Simpson Conference CallFirst 20 get a free cane and a foam pimp hat. Learn how to sell managed services from the guy that not only sold it to his clients but a bunch of my clients as well. Date … Continue reading

Communications Server: Please don’t take it personal

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Last weekend we rolled out Office Communications server to go along with our existing Exchange 2007 and SharePoint infrastructure. What an awesome, awesome product. Unfortunately, bringing in IM on a wide-scale like this to the entire company calls for some … Continue reading

Drinking With Dave in Vegas Conference


Also known as CES and I’ll be there. It will likely be my only conference of 2008 with the TechEd being the last minute call, so if you want to get your dose of Vlad, find your way to Las … Continue reading

Welcome Brianna to our family

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Untitled document SMB blogging, for all intents and purposes, is a family. Small, worldwide, dysfunctonal family. The epicenter of that family is the network, or better known as, the lone server that nearly all of you have hit … Continue reading

Should free content creators be commercially compensated for giving away things for free?

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Disclosure: I have been a Microsoft MVP in Microsoft Exchange category for two years, each year the reward consists of some swag and a $150 credit in the Microsoft store. How I got the award (first or second time) is … Continue reading

Blogging Advice for Karl

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Anyone that has ever met Karl will certainly claim he is one of the nicest people out there. He is. But when you blog, a lot gets lost in translation. Perhaps the reason most people don’t blog. I can tell … Continue reading

CEO Gig: Optimization vs. Interaction

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This week was supposed to be my first full week of work at the Atomic Tangerine studios.. Monday was a holiday, Tuesday was a sick day and week was more than half over by the time I finished hanging the … Continue reading

Erick’s Sales Book

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Lots of inquiries about Erick’s book on MSP Sales. I said I’d have it up over the weekend, and since its already almost the next weekend it stands the reason that the book sucks, right? Must have changed my mind … Continue reading